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I love reading!! It's my inspiration for this blog. I enjoy how books "allow you to travel around the world without moving an inch". (Movie: The Namesake)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011!!!

Hi Bloggers!!!

I am glad ya'll stopped by(:  I have been looking forward to this party!  If you haven't done so, party on over to "5 Minutes for Mom" and link up. Click here http://www.5minutesformom.com/34651/ultimate-blog-party-2011/


  1. Love your book suggestions!

    Stopping in from UBP! Please come and visit my post too! We have a big $208 Giveaway. Love for you to enter and to get to know our blog! http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2011/03/208-go-man-and-go-teen-skin-authority-giveaway-and-ultimate-blog-party-4-winners/

    The Chief Blonde
    Still Blonde after all these YEARS

  2. My oldest is soon to be 4 and books are a big part of our life! I can't wait to look around at your blog and use some of these great resources :)

    Just came by from UBP11 ~ Stop by our blog when you have a moment!

    Michelle @ FTSN


  3. Love to read, sometimes I just can't seem to find the time. Following you from UBP :)

  4. Hello! Love your blog and just gave some love to your connect section. Find me at www.way2goodlife.com
    P.S. Also if you can find a minute and vote for me as elenka29 here http://www.mamavation.com/2011/03/vote-for-mamavation-mom-3.html
    (it's a competition to get into fitness bootcamp for moms. There is no registration - just click and submit). Looking forward to reading more of your posts