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I love reading!! It's my inspiration for this blog. I enjoy how books "allow you to travel around the world without moving an inch". (Movie: The Namesake)

Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 National Library Week (April 11-17)!!!

I looove my library!!!  http://cowetapubliclibrary.sirsi.net/rooms/portal/page/Sirsi_HOME

To honor National Library Week, I challenge all of my followers to visit, support, and get a library card at your community library.  The reward is priceless:-)!


  1. Hooray for Libraries.
    I should go pay off my fines. (WOOOOOPS!)

  2. Mrs. Gertha, I am a book lover with you! :) We are so blessed to have the libraries that we do. Yes, a book lets us go to so many places around the world and even through time.

    Thanks for visiting Come Have a Peace on the UBP. Great to meet you!